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Six Steps to Healthy Skin

Six Steps to Healthy Skin:


Step: 1


Cleansing: Spread cleansing cream over your face and neck avoiding the eye area. Work the cream into your skin-with soft and slow fingertip movements. Circular movements are recommended. Wipe away with cotton wool, using firm upward and outward strokes until the pad comes away clean.


Tip: Allow the cleanser, time to absorb make-up and dirt so that it floats on the skin surface.


Step: 2



Toning: Apply toner to cotton wool and sweep it upwards and outwards over your face from your throat to your hairline avoiding your eyes. Toner is designed to remove traces of make-up or cleanser and to refresh the skin. It is a must after cleansing.


Tip: Don’t rub toner into your skin. It won’t make any extra difference.


Step: 3


Exfoliating: I xfoliation removes dead skin cells and keeps skin looking fresh. Apply facial scrub to warm, damp skin and work in gently with your fingertips using circular motions keeping away from the area around the eyes. Rinse well using plenty of warm water.

Tip: Pay particular attention to blackhead prone areas. Avoid areas that are especially sensitive or prone to broken veins.


Step: 4

Steaming: Fill a bowl with hot water and lean over it with a towel covering yout head. Steam for only two minutes if your skin is dry or sensitive and for five minutes if it is oily.


Tip: Don’t steam your face if you’re prone to broken veins. They can be aggravated by extremes of temperature.


Step: 5

Massaging: Spread facial oil between your hands and smooth over your face and neck. Starting at the throat,- brush your fingertips upwards to your jaw and outwards to your ears. Tap your fingertips around your mouth and chin. Massage your cheeks more firmly, pinching them lightly between your knuckles. Finish with firm upward strokes from the bridge of your nose to your hairline alternating hands.

Tip: Apply extra oil


Step: 6

Moisterizing: well that ends well. Applying a moisturizer after the beauty regime is giving it a happy ending. Apply a good all-purpose moisturizer all over your face. Smooth into your skin using upward and outward movement.


Tip: Don’t apply moisturizer directly to your eyelids as it can irritate the eyes. Also leave a wide margin when applying moisturizer underneath your eye, as the warmth from your skin will encourage it to seep naturally towards the lower lashes.

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