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Skin Care For Combination Skin

Skin of course the link between the outside world and inside the body. It reflects the internal conditions of the body and must undergo changes in the outside world. So our skin to be treated properly with attention.

Skin is of basically five types;
1. Oily skin.
2. Dry skin.
3. combination skin
4. sensitive skin
5. Skin from sunburn.

The first three types of skin are often common. The skin type is primarily determined by genetics and to some extent by our ethnicity.

Wash your face with soap or facial wash and tap it dry, then take a bit of blotting paper and place in different parts of the skin. At the point it will absorb grease and oil get oily stains on it. And dry skin, it will be clean.

Oily skin;
Oily skin has large pores on him and usually has some rashes on her in the form of pimples or acne.

Dry skin;
Have dry skin tightening effect after washing and have small pores or fine and usually after every wash it white layer coating on it.

This skin type usually have oily skin to the area T to forehead, nose and chin are oily and the remaining portion of cheeks are dry.

This type of thin skin with broken capillaries. And often have a rash on her.

This type of skin color comes to copper, after a slight heat to warm up and give the appearance task.


Combination skin to be managed carefully and the following steps should be taken.

* Cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser and avoid vigorous cleaning.
* If you use a toner cartridge, it will also be the type soft not contain the content in this irritant as alcohol or certain ingredients of citrus fruit or any other scented product in it.
* When ever you go in the sun, you should use a sunscreen or sunscreens specifically for sensitive skin. A compact powder coating will also protect the skin against the sun.
* Exfoliate your skin at all times to remove dead cells and the formation of new cells. Washer benign nature should be used either homemade or the market.
* The dry areas are not covered by moisturizing with great care and oily skin must be covered by these products that absorb excess oil.
* For combination skin use cosmetics with care and use of products with the best quality. Typically, commodity and oil-based water both for use by region.

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