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Ten Best Vegetables for Skin Care

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for the health of the whole body. In addition, it has an extremely beneficial effect on the freshness of a beautiful tan. For use in cosmetics, it is necessary to know the specific characteristics of fruit or vegetable. Before placing a mask on the face, the skin should be clean. Dirt and residue can irritate form, and the products that irritate or effect the user should be avoided. Here are some tips to get a tan by using these fresh vegetables.
Wax Gourd
It contains many trace elements like zinc and magnesium. Zinc may promote body growth and development while magnesium can make people warm, ruddy and healthy.

Mushrooms are rich in protein nutrition with vitamins so with less fat and cholesterol free. Eat mushrooms in moderation may promote the production of estrogen hormones that can withstand senescence and do your best.
You can get lots of vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid in broccoli. A recent study suggests broccoli protects skin sun damage. It is said that the extract of broccoli is good for reducing UV radiation damage.
It is rich in vitamins, free amino acids and acid that can clean and whiten the skin and remove freckles and skin allergy relief. Cucumbers are a better kind of thing for beauty treatments.
White Radishes
They are high in vitamin C – a kind of antioxidant that can prevent the formation of melanin pigmentation and prevent skin and give you a clean and smooth.
It is called “skin food”. Carrot contains abundant pectin substances that can help detoxify the body and leaves the skin a delicate and colorful.
Spinach is an excellent vegetable for skin and overall health. Spinach is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid. Spinach help prevent acne, spots and other skin problems. Spinach contains calcium, which also good for the skin, teeth, hair and nails.
Bean Sprout
It can prevent freckles, dark spots and make skin whiter and whiter get.
Sweet potato
it is rich in mucin, vitamin C and vitamin A. It is also very effective in reducing cholesterol, reducing subcutaneous fat and facial beautification and nourishing.
Peas are recorded to have the efficiency to get rid of dullness skin. In addition, they are rich in vitamin A precursor that can be converted into vitamin A to moisturize the skin.

They are full of selenium that can withstand the aging of the skin and make skin whiter.

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