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The Cutting Edge – Hair Cuts And Hair Ideas

A good haircut should make you feel fantastic. It should increase your confidence, make you feel sexy, taller, slimmer, more powerful, and, most importantly, it should reflect your personality. Styled in the right way, a haircut can even act as an instant -facelift,- helping to detract attention from areas of the face that show signs of ageing and, instead, highlight your most flattering features, perhaps great bone structure or beautiful eyes. A good cut will give your entire took a new lease on life — while a little color on your tresses will make it look thicker and shinier too. Hair is usually the first thing to be changed when a woman is making a major life change — perhaps a new career direction or at the beginning (or end) of a relationship. A visit to the hairdresser’s for a bit of pampering or reinvention is also a sure-fire way to lift a bad mood. Once you’ve found the right hairstyle, everything else falls into place. Whatever the reason and whatever the style, always have a trim every six weeks to avoid split end to help maintain condition and manageability.

Cutting Considerations

There are three essential points to consider before embarking on any change of image:

1- Be realistic. How much time do you really want to spend on your hair every day? Also, how much time have you got realistically? If you choose a style that requires too much time, you will never get the look you want.

2- Straight, curly, dark or blonde, wavy or wispy, makes the most of what you’ve

got. Hair always looks its best when it is in fabulous condition and has a fantastic cut.

3- Use your ammunition! Products are essential daily tools for achieving shine, body and manageability on all hair types. Experiment a little and learn which products suit your hair best and how t9 use them.

The long and the Short of it

Long, romantic, tumbling tresses remain a classic look and a favorite with the opposite sex. To counter the hippie -curtain” effect and make your hair seem less heavy, as well as keep locks in excellent condition, choose a layered cut. This will add shape around your face to give a defined and confident style. With well- shaped layers, hair will not fall too heavily across the face. But be warned: there’s nothing worse than straggly, uncared-for, hair snaking down your back, so don’t bother growing it if you don’t want to spend time brushing, washing, drying and styling it.

With its mix of modernity and femininity, short hair can be extremely sexy. It is a great option for women who want a strong, feminine image, a personal signature, yet a low-maintenance style. Short, sassy, sexy styles are on the rise — think Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. Casual or glamorous, layers help to define texture and volume, giving the hair greater depth and making styling simple.

Going for the Chop

Ultimately, whether you opt for a long or short style, determining your face shape, hair type and texture will help you to find the most flattering cut. Once you have this basic information to work with, you can then adapt catwalk styles or ideas from the pages of beauty magazines to create an individual look. The key thing to remember is that face shape should trigger off the hairstyle. In the same way as a beautiful frame enhances a picture, if you’ve got the right hairstyle for your face shape, then your whole face will look prettier and fresher and your eyes will stand out. Your good features will be emphasized. Enjoy your hair’s own unique style and, with the advice of your hairdresser, select a style to enhance what you’ve already got. If you try to change your natural hair too much, you may end up compromising on its condition and become a slave to a high-maintenance look in the process.

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