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The Five-Step Shampoo And Conditioning Tips

The Five-Step Shampoo

1- Thoroughly drench hair for 30 to 60 seconds before you apply shampoo 7 you’ll need less product and washing will be easier on the hair. Rub a little shampoo between the palms of your hands before smoothing it over the surface of the hair.

2- Gently massage the head, but do not rough up the hair or pull long hair up onto the scalp — it causes tangles. Long hair will be cleansed as the shampoo washes out with the water.

3- When massaging, use the tips of your fingers, not the palms of your hands. This helps stimulate the scalp and stops you from roughing up the cuticle.

4- Rinse, rinse and rinse again. Poor rinsing results in dull hair and a flaky scalp, caused by dry soap flakes. Finish with an ice-cold rinse. It will close the cuticle and stimulate the scalp, ensuring healthy growth and extra shine.

5- To towel-dry, squeeze and pat hair dry. Do not rub it too vigorously with the towel as it will rub the hair cuticle the wrong way.



There is much more to conditioners than just their moisturizing ingredients: taws of physics come into play each time you apply one. The positively charged polymers of small and large cationic molecules in the conditioning agents are attracted to and attach themselves to the negatively charged, damaged areas of your hair. In this way, each strand of hair is coated with protective binding and moisturizing ingredients, so conditioners can actually help repair weakened hair. As skincare formulations have become more advanced, so, too, have haircare products, enabling the ingredients to penetrate much deeper, leaving hair better conditioned and feeling lighter.


Hair Masks

Deep conditioning treatments and hair masks work on the same principle as everyday conditioners, but because they are left on the hair longer, they have more time to penetrate the hair shaft. The ingredients are easily absorbed by the hair, so there is no need to leave the treatment on longer than the recommended time. Use an intensive conditioner or hair mask once a week for super-shiny hair, especially if your tresses are prone to dryness.

Leave-in conditioners

These are designed to condition and add shine but do not leave the hair limp which makes them ideal for people with fine, flyaway or difficult-to-manage hair. They are best applied away from the roots.

Conditioning Tips

Identify your requirements when choosing a conditioner to suit your hair and scalp type, but remember its limitations. No conditioner can replace essential nutrients that are lacking in your diet.

Always read the manufacturer’s notes. These provide much more information than ever before, so you are less apt to make the wrong choice.

Once you have applied a hair mask, cover your hair, either with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, both of which lock in the heat and enable the product to penetrate deeper (heat will open the cuticle wider).

Alternatively, soak a towel with hot water and wrap it around your head — you have the bonus of extra heat and the steam will stop the hair from drying. When you rinse out conditioner, finish with a cold blast of water which will close the cuticle, leaving hair glossy and shiny. It will also stimulate blood flow to the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

Key ingredients to look out for in your miracle in a bottle; wheatgerm oil, a natural moisturizer; green tea extract, which helps to retain moisture; and provitamin B5, which enhances shine.

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