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Tips to Flaunt your Nails

Tips to Flaunt your Nails: Fingernails tell a lot about your personality. Here’s how you can play with your nails and charm the birds.

Follow these simple tips and nails healthy.

These simple tips nail reveal a lot about you, then you’re ready to show off those nails maverick. The nail tip suggests that, like all other parts of your body can become healthy nails with regular use of vitamins and minerals. Women who want to grow healthy nails should include fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and dried fruit in their diet. Drink plenty of fresh carrot juice regularly because it increases the calcium and phosphorus in the body which helps strengthen nails.

According to the nail tip, soak your hands for a few minutes in a bowl of milk because it provides food for your cuticles. You can use olive oil to moisturize your nails.

The nail tip suggests not expose your nails to water for long or detergents, even difficult, as this can dry your cuticles. While doing household chores, protect your nails by wearing gloves. In case of washing clothes and utensils to wash hands immediately and use a lotion to keep it clean.

Women and youth in particular should not bite their nails. This is not a healthy habit and shows a lot of complex and lack of confidence. Always use a non-acetone nail polish remover. To nourish your nails, mix honey with almond oil and leave it on your nails at night. Apply a moisturizer on your nails before retiring for the day.

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