Professional Makeup Tips

Nobody knows the tricks of make-up much better than the makeup artists. The advice by professional makeup artists to make it easy for you to choose the shades of makeup and then apply makeup easily. Here are some tips from professional make-up are given. Follow these Top Professional Makeup Tips to make you look more glamorous:

Makeup Base:Gina Anderson, a renowned makeup artist, reveals the secret of building the perfect base for makeup. It advocates the application of a hidden, foundation or powder one shade lighter than your skin color at these places. Spread on your face with a cosmetic sponge or your fingers to create a uniform effect. You can also put your jaw bone, the bridge of your nose and cheeks with the highlighter.

Blush: Many people think of evil in the selection of a perfect blush shade. Matins gives a tip to solve your problem.

Matins said those if you feel uncomfortable in selecting the most appropriate blush just press your index finger and thumb together and see the shadow of the skin that you get. She said that the skin tone you get by pressing the thumb and forefinger together is actually the color of your cheeks when you “glow”. This trick will definitely make it easy for you to choose the best color blush.

Eye curling: Rub the eye curler between your fingers before using it, it will be a bit warm and the hot curler eye will make the easy tip curling eyelashes makeup, Scott Barnes.

Lipstick:  Jillian Dempsey, an expert in lip makeup, counsels women with small lips not to apply lipstick or dark red brown. She believes that these shades rather than reduce their lips glorifying. According to Dempsey, gentle and loving shiny lip gloss is the best choice for people with small lips