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Wedding Dress-Bridal Wear

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There are of course a few essentials for any woman who wishes to have a complete trousseau. Have a judicious mix of saris. salwar kamems. ghaghras and casual and formal Western wear. The salwar kurtas can he either sourced from renowned designers. who will plan your entire trousseau look for you, or pal Mild gel them tailored well in advance. Make sure you don’t lose or put on any weight after you give yor measurements to the tailor. You must also have some formal and informal trousers and perhaps some fusion wear as well.

The right accessories will add just the right touch or glamour and beaty, to your bridal Finery, but ‘flake sure that you don’t overdo it. Brocade slippers or jooties and dainty beaded purses are a good idea and they seldom go out of fashion. Intricate zari work, and the bright hues of these accessories will make any bride look resplendent. Grooms are also going in for brocade jootis. So there you arc, now don’t leave your trousseau to chance. Work on it and cherish it. so that every single ensemble in it will give you many happy memories with your beloved in the future.

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